Summertime can be absolutely magical for kids. And, it doesn’t take much to get them excited! Anything involving dirt, noise, experiments, or the outdoors is sure to be an instant hit. Here are four kid-friendly activities to do this summer that check each one of those boxes:

Tend to a Garden

Kids love to play in the dirt—so let them! Plant some seeds in small pots and watch your windowsill garden grow. Or, if you’re not quite ready to commit to letting your little ones grow their own garden, you can still teach them all about the process at the nearby Orange County Great Park Farm + Food Lab. Here, they’ll have all kinds of hands-on, gardening-geared learning opportunities. There’s truly something to interest everyone—including you!

Get Musical

We all know how much kids love noise! And if that noise is actually music, there are plenty of brain-boosting benefits as well. Create your own instruments, have a dance party with different styles of music, or even delve into introductory music theory together through an online course. It could even be as simple as sharing your favorite songs from your growing-up years with them. Thanks to the incredible nostalgia-inducing abilities of music, you’ll probably enjoy that walk down memory lane too!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Kids seem to often find their “happy place” in the outdoors. Go on a walk around the neighborhood or find a spot at the park and play some fun games together—while practicing social distancing, of course. You could do a water balloon toss, hold a three-legged race, or simply throw the frisbee back and forth. Being outside together will make for a great time while keeping your family active and healthy.

Conduct a Science Experiment

Kids love to experiment with new materials and textures. There are lots of kid-friendly science experiments that use common household supplies that you likely already have on hand. From making snow fluff to a paper hovercraft, there’s something to interest every child. As an added bonus, you may begin to recall some forgotten scientific principles from your school days.

Summer is an exciting time for kids! Try these four fun summer activities with them to make this time even more magical. The time you spend together may very well become cherished memories that will last long past summertime!