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Certainly, there is truth to the statement that you can enjoy the holidays wherever you are. But there is also truth in recognizing that Westminster is pretty perfectly situated to experience a wide selection of holiday events and activities throughout Orange County.

Come to think of it, Southern California is extremely conducive to a plethora of activities every holiday season, and this year is no different. Sure, it’s romantic to think about dashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh with bells on bobtails ringing and all—but that type of transportation revelry just won’t really cut it during rush hour on the 405. But you can still play host to friends and family looking for warmer weather winter activities. So buckle up and take a ride through our list of potential holiday outings for you and the family in and near Westminster.


Shows and Performances


Opportunities to Share

Safe Celebration


Winterfest/Night of Lights Orange County: The Orange County Winterfest is returning this year with plenty to do for the whole family. There will be ice skating, an ice tube slide, a snowboard simulator, carnival thrills, food, and drink. In addition, the Night of Lights is returning with an immersive walk-through featuring music, lights, photo-ops, and more. We’re guessing the glowing review headlines for this family activity will pretty much write themselves: “Electrifying!” “Shocking!” “Illuminating!” “Glare apparent!” “Go into the lights!” You get the idea. Head to the Orange County Fair and Events Center between November 25 and January 1 to experience this winter wonderland.

Families Together of Orange County Annual Christmas Together Toy Drive: Organizers are expanding on last year’s event, promising to give away another 20,000 toys on December 18. There will be carnival rides, games, raffles, entertainment, pictures with Santa, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, holiday meals, and a variety of food options—all for free with registration.

Disney’s Festival of Holidays: At Disney California Adventure Park, the Festival of Holidays will be ongoing from November 11 through January 8. It is a multicultural event taking in the sights and sounds of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Three Kings Day.

The 5th Annual Winter in the Grove: Snow slides, a tree-lighting ceremony, and maybe even a surprise visit from a couple of Clauses are on tap at Village Green Park in Garden Grove on December 3 from 3 to 7 p.m.

Hikari – A Festival of Lights: Lots of activities await visitors at Tanaka Farms in Irvine this holiday season. There are 30 acres of farm-themed lighting, a wagon ride to the Land of a Thousand Lanterns, and a Gingerbread Forest where crafts, photo ops, live music, and a chance to meet Santa are in store. Registration is required.

Shows and Performances

Johnny Mathis Christmas Concert: Here’s Johnny! The lights will be shining on Johnny Mathis at Segerstrom Hall in nearby Costa Mesa on December 23. Mathis has released six albums of Christmas music in his storied career, making himself practically synonymous with the holidays. Come see why some people claim it’s just not Christmas without Johnny!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve”: Embrace sensory overload on December 4 as Trans-Siberian Orchestra comes to Toyota Arena for two shows. Yes, two shows in one day; that’s how TSO rolls. Pyrotechnics, fog, and lasers, oh my! Some exuberantly performed electric-infused classical music will also break out as TSO performs “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve.” Experience TSO’s special brand of raucous music, dazzling effects, and poignant storytelling this holiday season.

Disney on Ice: Dream Big: Before you know it, the holiday season will go slip slidin’ away. What better way to pay homage to that than by attending Disney on Ice? Fun for grownups but downright enchanting for youth, this event will make you the second-most popular person of the holidays—behind Santa Claus, of course—if you can spring surprise tickets on your kids. With 10 shows over five days (December 22–26) at Toyota Arena, this Disney ice-skating phenomenon affords plenty of flexibility for scheduling.

A Magical Cirque Christmas: High-flying feats of amazement unfolding on a backdrop of festive holiday music, A Magical Cirque Christmas should delight the whole family. 


Pumpkin City’s Christmas Trees: A wide selection of fresh-cut trees at Pumpkin City in Santa Ana features the following types: noble fir, grand fir, Douglas fir, Nordmann fir, and Fraser fir. In addition to trees, Pumpkin City also sells Christmas decorations and wreaths.

Swedish Christmas Fair: This holiday season, take the time to experience Christmas the Swedish way. Since 1979, the Swedish Women’s Education Association has been hosting the annual julmarknaden (Swedish Christmas Fair). This year’s festivities will be held in Huntington Beach on November 20, with both morning and afternoon sessions. Attend the fair to experience a selection of genuine Swedish handcraft, a beautiful Lucia pageant, home-brewed wine, traditional cuisine and treats, and a chance to greet Santa. 

Holiday Faire: This event in Orange County will be home to over 50 local artists selling one-of-a-kind holiday decorations, unique handmade gifts, hand-blown glass, ceramics, jewelry, folk crafts, clothing, and more.

Sugar Plum Holiday Festival: The festival hosts over 165 exhibitors selling a mix of vintage, upcycled, chic, and handmade gifts and decorations.

Opportunities to Share

Volunteer with The Salvation Army: Answer for yourself this age-old question: Do you need rhythm to be a Salvation Army bell-ringer? Judging by past listening experience, we’re guessing probably not. If bell-ringing isn’t your thing, how about volunteering as a personal shopper for a needy family?

Operation Santa Claus: Donate toys and gifts to children and families in need this holiday season. Last year, Operation Santa Claus brought hope, happiness, and caring to the most vulnerable children in Orange County with the delivery of around 39,000 toys and gifts.

Winter Wonderland Toy Drive: At this year’s Winter Wonderland Toy Drive, there will be a diverse selection of offerings available. We’re talking health screenings, COVID-19 vaccines, and haircuts—three things usually found on Christmas wish lists far below a Red Ryder BB gun but sorely needed. Children will also receive a toy. The drive is scheduled for December 4 in Huntington Park. The event is free for all families with a reservation.

Safe Celebration

While the holidays should be a time of joy for you and your family, there are also extra hazards to consider. We urge safety in both the use of lighted candles and live Christmas trees this year. Up to 7,500 fires are started each year because of household candles, so please take extra care. Consider using battery-powered candles or scented spray instead to address all your aroma needs while avoiding any inherent dangers. And if you do decide to use candles, please don’t leave them unattended.

If you do choose to bring a real tree into your apartment for the holidays, take every precaution to keep it watered so it doesn’t dry out. Also, keep all open flames away from the branches and make sure you turn all lights off when you’re not at home. Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

With activities, performances, shopping opportunities, and more, Westminster, CA, is the place to be this time of year.

We’d love to see your holiday fun! If you decorate for the holidays or try out one of the activities above, post a photo on social media, tag us, and use #TisTheSeasonAtAMC.

From all of us at The Edward Apartments in Westminster, CA,
Happy Holidays!

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