Every new year brings a mass of expectations with it. Suddenly, you are expected to get your entire life together, have a list of at least 10 new resolutions you are going to achieve in the next year, and know exactly what you want out of life. It’s completely overwhelming, and you might have even found yourself dreading setting goals because of it.

You don’t have to choose between struggling through setting goals or giving up on them. Believe it or not, goals can actually be fun, and you will be able to accomplish a lot more than you would without them! Here are a few tips to help you with setting goals that are both attainable and enjoyable for you.

Evaluate Your Priorities

It could be possible that your goals feel too difficult to accomplish because they don’t match up with your lifestyle or accurately reflect your priorities. The first step to setting goals is to evaluate what is most important to you. Instead of setting as many goals as you can, narrow your list down to one or two that you feel particularly passionate about.

Make your goal as specific as possible and make sure it aligns with your other goals. How does your goal fit into your current lifestyle? Why do you care about this goal? How does this goal support your other goals? Once you answer these questions and identify your priorities, you’ll be able to set goals that challenge you without overwhelming you.

Do Something Every Day

Long-term goals can be especially intimidating to get started on, and they often fall to the bottom of your to-do list when more pressing issues come up. To combat this, break down your goals into small steps that you can work on every single day. For example, if your goal is to lose weight or have a more active lifestyle, find a way to incorporate at least one 15-minute exercise video or simple at-home exercises into your routine.

Not only will doing something every day help you get started, but it will also keep you motivated throughout the process, as you will find relief and reassurance each time you do it. Gradually, each small thing will add up until you have transformed your life and effectively achieved your goal.

Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself each time you accomplish something can be transformative to the progress you make towards your goals. Each time you complete a habit you want to add into your routine and follow up with a reward, you will be more likely to repeat the same behavior. Rewards can also make the entire process of setting and achieving goals more enjoyable as you are consistently able to incorporate things you love into your life.

Once you’ve broken your goal into small daily steps, you can find a way to reward yourself each time. For example, after each workout, consider treating yourself to your favorite cup of tea or coffee or giving yourself a 15-minute break to read a book or watch your favorite television show. These rewards can be anything, so have fun with it! The key is to treat yourself with anything satisfying enough to keep you repeating the behavior. Looking for more ideas for how to reward yourself? Here’s a list of ideas that won’t break the bank.

Setting goals doesn’t have to feel like a chore. You can make the process more enjoyable by focusing on your priorities, working on it every day, and rewarding yourself for your progress.